Thursday, April 6, 2017

Holes part 4

      In this chapter I worried about Stanley and him getting his hands injured for days to come. I'd like to know why and how Zero finished so fast and didn't say anything about it afterward. If I was in the situation of Zero and had to dig a 5 foot by 5 foot by 5 foot hole, I would be panting and sweating, and having trouble breathing. I hope that Stanley's hands start to build calluses so for the next time they dig his hands don't get as injured as this time.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Holes part 3

     If I was the main character, Stanley, I would have felt untrusted after I told the story of why I was sent to the camp. I'd feel untrusted by my family's friends, my friends, and family members if I said that "shoes fell from the sky". The reason I would feel untrusted is because shoes can't fall from the sky. I would have been surprised if anyone had believed him.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Movie VS. Book

Movie vs. Book

    Throughout the past few weeks, my English class has been reading and watching The Giver. The movie was a lot better because there was a lot more romance, it was easier to visualize, and the ending was given to me and I didn’t have to use my slightly creative mind. For all of these reasons, it is clear that “The Giver” movie was much better than the book.
     The first reason why the movie was way better than the book was because there was more romance. In the book, Jonas has one dream where he visualizes him wanting to bathe Fiona in the bath. The book doesn’t go any farther than that about romance. However, in the movie, I can tell more clearly that he loves her. The relationship that they had is way more important in the movie. The relationship they had gave me a reason to want to watch the movie. It made me more interested in the story.
     The movie was also better because it was easier to visualize. Personally, I have a harder time visualizing books than other people because I am always thinking of other things. When I read a book, all I see are the words.  I don’t even comprehend them. On the other hand, when I am watching a movie, I really get sucked into it and I feel like I am actually in the scene that is occurring. Sometimes when I watch an exciting movie, my heart beats really hard. Everything that is happening around me doesn’t even happen in my mind. If you said something to me while I was watching a good movie, I wouldn’t even hear you.
    The final reason why the movie was way better than the book was because the ending was given to me and I knew what happened. In the book, the author makes it so that the reader can make whatever ending they want. I don’t like this idea because it makes a very bad ending. You just read this very intense book with ups and downs and you can’t wait to see what happens, then at the end it doesn’t even tell you what happens. It feels to me that the author got lazy and didn’t want to actually write a good ending. The ending in the movie was perfect because there was a point to everything else that happened in the book.
    I know the movie was better than the book. People that like reading might say the book is better, but they are wrong. You can appreciate the characters, the scenery, and the story so much more when you are watching the visuals in a movie. Yeah, some people are talented enough to picture what is happening exactly from just reading words off a page, but it takes a lot less brain power to watch a movie and already see what is happening. Also, some people can’t take romance because they think it’s gross. However, having romance in a story or a movie makes the whole experience so much better. It gives the story a reason to keep going. It gives you something to care about. As for the ending,  the author wanted people to be able to imagine what they want for the ending of the book. This is a very bad idea. People will feel like they read different books. It doesn’t make any sense. There should be one clear and true ending to a story.

    For all of these reasons, it is clear that “The Giver” movie was much better than the book.

Holes part 2

     In today's reading, I learned that every kid has a nickname.  They all most definitely prefer to be called by their nicknames, no matter how weird the names are. For example, one of the kids originally named Theodore, has the nickname of "Armpit". When Stanley tried to call him Theodore, he got mad and pushed him down. I wonder what Stanley's nickname is going to be and I wonder if he's going to want people to call him by his nickname or his real name?

Monday, April 3, 2017


     I'm starting to enjoy this book more than the movie. I saw this movie a long, long time ago and I remember that it was pretty good. But reading the book is giving me time to comprehend and see how much more detail is put into it than the movie. In the story it talks about the consequences of being bit by a yellow-spotted lizard and how devastating it would be to be bitten. So far this makes me want to finish the whole book.

Friday, March 3, 2017

My Great Aunt Frances Is 93 Years Young

My Great Aunt is 93-Years Young
    “Yes I  would love to baby!”
    Was what my Great Aunt Frances, whom I refer to as Frances, said as soon as I asked her to do an interview with me. My mom mentioned that I have met Frances once in my life when we went to Arkansas. I was about two when we visited. Therefore, I don’t remember any of it. My mom was about to call her while I was getting the questions and right as my mom said that she was calling her, she immediately answered. We didn’t even get to say hi before she said,”I have been sitting here, very excited, for you to call me. I was about to get in bed because it is 7:30 here and I go to bed a lot earlier than you.”
    My mom and I were sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap and the question sheet in my mom’s hands. My mom helped by recording some of the quotes. We had the phone on speaker some of the time when she was answering the questions and we didn’t when we were asking them, just so she could hear us better. I noticed that when she started talking, she has a very strong southern accent. It was hard not to talk like her when I was asking the questions. Of course I had to talk very slowly because she is 93 and sometimes the phone can cut out.
I chose my Great Aunt Frances for this interview because I told my mom that I had this assignment and she had been talking with Frances over the phone weekly already. I asked my mom about the interview and this is what she said,“If you would like, we could interview your Great Aunt Frances because I am getting to know her better and better every week and she is quite an astonishing person.” My mom showed me a picture of her from last year. She has white hair, pale but beautiful skin, her hands are crippled and bent from arthritis, and she has kind eyes.
    I asked into the phone,“Are you ready for the first question, Frances?”
   She replied with a strong, happy, “Yes!”
    QUESTION 1: What was your everyday life like? Did you go to school? What did you do after school.

    ANSWER: This is what Frances responded with. Keep in mind that this was a sentence question and she answered with a “short story”. “Well, I had to walk about 20 minutes to school from our house. We lived in a little town called Malvern, Arkansas. We had an elementary school, but no middle school. When I got home, I had to help do the dishes. Mother had a helper named Bertha. I remember that one day, Bertha came and asked if she could help out, in return for food. Mother was doing laundry and was pregnant with her third child. Bertha, who was a black woman and was poor, had her own children at home and they were very hungry. Mother gave her food to take home. She worked for mother several years after that. I remember like the back of my hand, she used to sing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,’ to us kids.” As you can see, Frances loves to talk, especially when she is connecting with a seventh grader.

    QUESTION TWO: What was the style way back when and what did the cool kids wear?

    ANSWER: We gave her time to think about the question because I can imagine it’s probably hard to remember the style from more than 70 years ago. This is what she responded with. “I have no idea. I remember, however, I had a pair of overalls I wore every day. One time I climbed over a fence and tore ‘em. Then mother had to repair them. We didn’t have much choice about what we wore and nobody really cared about what we wore either. When the depression hit, my father (my great grandfather) had to quit preaching and sell insurance to make money to feed us kids.” WOW! Basically, her dad had to sell insurance to make money so they could survive with clothes, a house, and food through the depression. If you don’t know what the great depression is, it is a period of time where the stock market crashed so the people struggled to support their families because the value of the dollar plummeted. Everything became a lot more expensive than it used to be.

    QUESTION 3:  What activities or sports did you participate in?

    ANSWER: I thought that this one would be another one where she would take a lot of time to think about what she did. “It was 1937 and we were poor. I came home right after school and helped mother around the house. We didn’t have time and money for extracurricular activities.” She explained. However, now she is 93 years old and every day she walks down to the pool at the place she’s staying, and swims for a certain amount of time every single day. EVERY DAY!!! In my opinion, that’s an amazing thing to be doing at the age of 93 and having severe arthritis.

    QUESTION 4: What was the scariest thing in your life? What were you most afraid of?

    ANSWER: She answered this question a little after a minute of us asking it which meant she was getting tired and after this question, we only had time for one more. “My biggest fear didn’t happen when I was thirteen but I do have one. The scariest thing in my life was a few years ago when I fell and cracked my pelvis. I was in my room and I couldn’t reach the call button on my phone. I’ve never been so scared. Now, I’m in an assisted living and I have a call button around my neck.”
    “What a tough person.” I said. I’m very glad she is okay though. If she wasn’t fine after she fell, I may have not done this interview today and I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know her like this.

    QUESTION 5: Did anyone in your life inspire you? What did they inspire you to do?

    ANSWER: Every other questions we asked Frances, she took a little bit  of time to respond, but not this one. She answered right away and didn’t hesitate. “I don’t have to think about that one at all, I know. When I was 13, I had an English teacher that was red-headed. Little short gal. They changed procedure and she decided to have a pop quiz daily. The first day, none of us could answer any of her questions. She responded with,’I thought y’all had some sense!!! Did none of y’all read the assignment?’ That taught me that I had to learn to retain and comprehend what I read. I knew how to read and all, but I hadn’t really recognized that I need to be able to explain to someone else what I had read. I’ll never forget her.” She surprised me with what she was inspired by and who inspired her. Normally when I ask people who inspires them, they say like a famous singer or actor. Unique answers make this interview more interesting.

    This concludes my fantastic interview with my Great Aunt Frances. Overall, she is a walking, talking book of amazing stories to tell and knowledge to give. During this interview, I learned a lot that I had no idea about Frances that I had never knew and surprised me. But, I have to say the most mind boggling fact about her is that she is 93 and swims every single day! She also had a pretty interesting childhood where she had her teacher inspire her to learn a very important lesson, a hard working family that would do anything for their kids, and pretty cool stories to tell to her friends. This interview wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my mom and, of course, Frances. I would like to thank them so much for helping me do this interview and I hope to learn more about her soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Is Actually Making Me Tired

 I read more about sleep today, but mainly the five stages of sleep. Each Stage is most of the time 90 to 110 minutes long. So each stage is gone through a few times depending on how long you sleep for.

   Stage 1 is light sleep is where you go in and out of sleep and can be awakened easily. The eyes move slowly and as do the muscles in this stage as well.

   Stage 2 is when eye movement stops and brain waves become slower with only few bursts of rapid brain waves.

   Stage 3 is basically the same thing as stage two just with interspersed brain waves. For example there will be an equal chance of both rapid and slow brain waves. This stage is also called deep sleep. It is very hard to wake someone from this stage.

   Stage 4 is another example of deep sleep. Very hard to wake someone from this stage. This stage is also when some people get nightmares or you know, wet the bed.

    Stage 5, or as people like to call it REM. REM stands for rapid eye movement. This is the last stage from the five. These five stages repeat, until you wake up. Now I'm going to go sleep.